Stories of Your Life and Others

Chiang, Ted

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2016 - Random House US

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    Includes "Story of Your Life" the basis for the major motion picture Arrival, starring Amy Adams, Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner, and directed by Denis Villeneuve.

    "Shining, haunting, mind-blowing tales . . . Ted Chiang is so exhilarating, so original, so stylish he just leaves you speechless." -Junot Díaz

    Stories of Your Life and Others delivers dual delights of the very, very strange and the heartbreakingly familiar, often presenting characters who must confront sudden change-the inevitable rise of automatons or the appearance of aliens-with some sense of normalcy. With sharp intelligence and humor, Chiang examines what it means to be alive in a world marked by uncertainty, but also by beauty and wonder. An award-winning collection from one of today's most lauded writers, Stories of Your Life and Others is a contemporary classic.
    Tower of Babylon
    Division by Zero
    Story of Your Life
    Seventy-Two Letters
    The Evolution of Human Science
    Hell Is the Absence of God
    Liking What You See: A Documentary

    Story Notes 275
    Acknowledgments 283


Stories of Your Life and Others

Chiang, Ted

Verlag: Random House US , Vintage (2016)

Sprache: Englisch

Kartoniert, 304 p.

7.97 in

ISBN-10: 1-101-97212-2

ISBN-13: 978-1-101-97212-0

KNV-Titelnr.: 59578026

Über den Autor

    Chiang, Ted
    Ted Chiang ist studierter Informatiker. Er arbeitet als technischer Autor in der Software-Industrie und lebt in Bellvue in der Nähe von Seattle, Washington.


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