War and Turpentine

Ausgezeichnet mit AKO-Literaturpreis 2014. Nominiert: The International Man Booker Prize 2017

Hertmans, Stefan

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Übersetzung: McKay, David
2017 - Random House UK

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    Selected as a Book of the Year 2016 in The Times, Sunday Times and The Economist, and one of the 10 Best Books of 2016 in the New York Times

    Shortly before his death, Stefan Hertmans' grandfather Urbain Martien gave his grandson a set of notebooks containing the detailed memories of his life. He grew up in poverty around 1900, the son of a struggling church painter who died young, and went to work in an iron foundry at only 13. Afternoons spent with his father at work on a church fresco were Urbain's heaven; the iron foundry an inferno.

    During the First World War, Urbain was on the front line confronting the invading Germans, and ever after he is haunted by events he can never forget. The war ends and he marries his great love, Maria Emelia, but she dies tragically in the 1919 flu epidemic. Urbain mourns her bitterly for the rest of his life but, like the obedient soldier he is, he marries her sister at her parents' bidding. The rest is not quite silence, but a marriage with a sad secret at its heart, and the consolations found in art and painting. War and Turpentine is the imaginative reconstruction of a damaged life across the tumultuous decades of the twentieth century; a deeply moving portrayal of family, grief, love and war.
    A set of notebooks, left unopened for thirty years, leads to a personal story of love, war and art, for fans of W.G. Sebald and Pat Barker


War and Turpentine

Ausgezeichnet mit AKO-Literaturpreis 2014. Nominiert: The International Man Booker Prize 2017

Übersetzung: McKay, David

Hertmans, Stefan

Verlag: Random House UK , Vintage (2017)

Sprache: Englisch

Kartoniert, B-format paperback, 304 S.

198 mm

ISBN-10: 0-09-959804-3

ISBN-13: 978-0-09-959804-6

KNV-Titelnr.: 63125843

Über den Autor

    Hertmans, Stefan
    Stefan Hertmans, geboren 1951, gilt als einer der wichtigsten niederländischsprachigen Autoren der Gegenwart. Sein Werk wurde vielfach ausgezeichnet.


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